Security for residential property

Security is one very important subject! Who doesn’t need protection? Who is there that doesn’t crave or value it? Just because a problem hasn’t occurred doesn’t mean that we are immune to danger. It’s not always the other person that gets mugged, kidnapped, burglarized or worse! When it hits close to home, danger is often met with shock, disbelief and anger. Here at Chino Fast Locksmith we help provide better locksmith security for local residents. While we offer automotive and commercial locksmith service, it’s our residential service that is often requested, and with good reason. Our homes are important to us. This is where we live along with our loved ones, partners, children and pets. This is where our belongings and valuable possessions are kept. We feel (or should!) safe at home; it’s a haven of sorts. Home is that one location where you can “get away” from the rest of the world and be yourself. As such, we should always strive to make sure that we have the best security for our homes. This doesn’t mean posting snipers on the roof or digging a big moat around the house, either. There are many inexpensive and fast ways to increase your security at home; keep reading and you’ll see what we mean

A big investment!

Yes, your home is probably the biggest financial investment of your life; surpassing your cars, recreational toys and hobbies. This is true whether you live in a mobile home or a large, custom masterpiece. Homes of all sizes are a sizeable investment in money, time and maintenance. This, coupled with the fact that it’s the place you go home to at the end of the day makes your Chino, CA residence worth protecting.

The basics

Here in America we don’t have to worry about foreign invasion. Troops and tanks in our streets from invading governments are something from the movies or from fiction writers. We have enough to worry about with gangs, nosy neighbors, sex offenders, human trafficking, thieves, kidnappers, fake missionaries and even annoying salesmen. We have locks on our doors for a reason; use them and use them often! Good habits come from repetition and it’s smart to habitually lock your doors; even when home. It happens all too often; a crook enters a home and causes havoc inside. All he or she had to do is walk in! Start locking doors, windows and especially the interior garage door when you retire for the night.

More about your locks

You can’t buy a home without a lock on the door; it’s against the law and no title company will approve the sale without one. No one said the lock had to be a good one! Most locks are passable in quality and do a minimal job of keeping your house secure. What’s little known is that locks can be bumped open as well as picked, pried, and even smashed open in mere seconds. An easy and inexpensive way to bypass this threat is to change out your locks for high security ones. Don’t let the name fool you; high security locks are not expensive and they do work! Made of solid steel parts and better lock assembly, these residential lock wonders cannot be bumped, pried, smashed, picked or even shot open. Be sure to contact your favorite full service locksmith shop for further details.

Rekey benefits

Don’t feel like actually changing out your home locks? There’s a less expensive and equally easy way to gain extra security at home; rekey! Think back; how many people do you know have or have had keys to your house? You have one or more. Your spouse or partner and kids have some. Then, there are the copies you’ve made for safekeeping and for giving to family members, guests, nice neighbors, visiting relatives, dog walkers, landscapers, kid's friends, etc. Go back further; how about previous residents and their contacts? How about the various realtors, the builder, contractors, delivery men, baby sitters, mortgage lenders, title reps and more? Did they all turn their key copies in or dispose of them? Are you sure?

Rekeying your locks eliminates all those key worries. This is because your locksmith leaves your lock in place and only alters the insides by changing the pins and springs. This forces you to use new keys and negates the usefulness of all old ones.

Add a deadbolt

Adding a strong, well installed deadbolt lock to your front door is one of the smartest things you can do, but there’s a catch; you have to use it! Deadbolts come in single or double cylinder models and both have their advantages and disadvantages. Talk to your residential locksmith about what is right for your situation, but do get one and use it. Your deadbolt can thwart and frustrate a burglar or uninvited intruder to the point where he stops trying to break-in and simply gives up or moves on to easier pickings. This is because in the time it takes to additionally bypass your second line of defense (deadbolt) you can be arming yourself or calling police.

Get yourself a security door

A good security door will cost more than a deadbolt plus it should be professionally installed for maximum security. You can get a cheap security door at Lowe’s or Home Depot and they can install it for you, too. Bear in mind that these offer minimal security but they do present the appearance that you are well protected. A vagrant or mischievous teen might be fooled by this but an experienced gang member or burglar won’t be. They know how to disengage a door of this type in a minute or less. There are even videos online that show how to do this! For greater security and peace of mind, have an ornamental iron worker make and install one for you. Be sure to check references and get some testimonials of past, satisfied customers. Getting that security door installed allows you to answer your door and still keep it locked. The open door, fresh air isn’t bad, either!