It’s a fact! Anyone with firearms and other weapons needs a gun safe. Keep reading to discover some of the pros and cons involved in having a gun safe. Chino, CA like most other places many homeowners have weapons at home. No matter how you feel about the rights of gun owners, you need to know how to have fast access to your weapons whenever they are needed, as well as knowing how to store and protect them when not in use.Having a gun safe accomplishes this and also provides additional safety for your loved ones, including family members, guests, visitors, and even your pets.

What Exactly Is A Gun Safe?

Here at Chino Fast Locksmith we refer to them as gun safes, but you may also know them as gun cabinets. These safes come in many forms and are usually made of metal or wood. They keep your weapons safe. In case you’re wondering, safe from whom? The answer is safe from everyone! We’ve all seen the news online, on TV, or in the newspaper where children accidentally shoot themselves or others after suddenly discovering a fully loaded, easily accessible gun. Even adults can be injured or killed if the gun is not handled properly. All too often, domestic problems, home invasions, and innocent parties can get out of hand and having fast and easy access to a loaded gun can spell disaster! Many people foolishly think that having a loaded gun is safe as long as it is out of sight. But this is simply not true. Many well-meaning people store a loaded gun under a pillow, in the closet, under the bed, or behind a door presuming that nothing will happen. Most of the times, this is true. But all it takes is one incident and tragedy can happen!

Gun Safes Offer Protection forYour Guns

Having a locking gun safe offers better protection for your loved ones, friends and guests. It also protects your guns and other weapons from theft and from other forms of unwarranted use.Other threats to your weapons include weather, fires, moisture, floods, rust, scratches, and even dust. You can also use your gun safe or cabinet to store other valuables like family heirlooms, cash, important documents, flash drives, photos, jewelry and anything else that is important to you. Here in Chino, CA we often have heat waves and moisture in the air. A good gun safe can protect your handguns and other weapons from excess dampness and rust while still giving you quick access to them should you ever need it.

What AboutAn Emergency?

Here at Chino Fast Locksmith we are often asked “ What if I need my guns fast/” Many folks think that if your firearms are locked up in the cabinet, you can’t get to them quickly in case of an attempted burglary or home invasion. After all, what if a crook breaks into your house and you awake to the sounds of breaking glass? You start to panic as you hear the sound of footsteps in the dark! Then your mind goes blank - where are the keys to the gun cabinet? You just can’t remember where you put them or even the combination to the lock! Who could with all this stress?Your guns are safe but are you? It is for this very reason that many people forgo using a gun cabinet and instead place a loaded gun behind at a desk or on a shelf. Our Chino Fast Locksmith experts advise customers to simply call our shop and discuss your many options with our friendly and helpful lock professionals.

Can I Afford A Gun Safe?

Like any other appliance or piece of furniture, a gun safe can be very inexpensive or quite costly. Many Chino, CA locksmith shops and safe stores offer gun safes in a wide range of prices. See for yourself - look online at sites such as the Ebay, Craigslist, Amazon, Back Page and others. You’ll see a wide range of prices and choices. You can also check national retailers Target, Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Lowes and Sears. Many of these companies have toll free numbers to call in case you have any questions. One smart thing to do is to search online for a model or type of gun safe that piques your interest. Do a Google search for this gun safe model and check prices and reviews for it. If you find one you like be sure to check with your local stores as many price match now to stay competitive. Don’t forget additional options like extra keys, warranty protection, shipping, and installation charges.

Diversion Gun Safes

This is a new specialty type of gun safe. They are unique because, like the name implies, they are in plain view but not usually noticeable by anyone that is not looking specifically for it. Diversion safes are often built into a bookcase, located behind the stairs, in the wall or in the ceiling,and even hidden inside the furniture! They don’t look like traditional gun safes often do. They don’t have large metal doors with highly complicated locks like you’d expect. Diversion safes are usually located in a part of the house where you wouldn’t expect them to be; even right in the family room where no one would think to look!

Biometric Gun Safes

Another option for you is a new technology in the gun safe industry called a biometric gun safe. Chino Fast Locksmith offers these and many other models to our local customers so be sure to ask us about these when calling. Do you remember our earlier scenario about a possible break in and not having keys or combination codes handy? A biometric gun safe would be perfect in this situation as you simply use your fingerprint or thumbprint for lightning fast access to your guns! There are no keys to find and no combinations to remember! Seconds count during an emergency so keep this option in mind when shopping around for the right gun safe model for you!