Commercial property owners and property managers know that panic bars can be an essential part of the security measures for the property in question. Panic bars, also known as a crash bar or push bar, is a type of exit device commonly found on doors in commercial properties. These bars are often a spring-loaded metal bar that will open a door when pressed. These bars usually bar entry from anyone trying to enter the premises from the outside, yet they allow those inside the building a speedy exit if necessary. These type of bars are essential on emergency and fire exit doors. You can find them in hospitals, arenas, restaurants, bars and office buildings. The purpose of these bars is to allow quick exit to anyone who presses on the bar. So why are panic bars important for your business? Keep reading and we will explore the benefits of panic bars for your business.


This is the biggest benefit, and the initial reason panic bars were even created. In the early 1900’s, there was a large number of deaths due to fire. The inhabitants of buildings were unable to leave because certain doors were locked. The panic bar was created as a solution to that problem. Since their inception, the death rate for people trapped in fires in large public building has decreased. Panic bars allow quick exit to a large amount of people. These bars automatically unlock the door. This makes mass exits easy and quick. Also, panic bars allow for an easy exit, while still making the building secure from the outside. Generally the outside of these doors will remain locked to the outside world. So this provides an extra layer of safety to your building.


There are a variety of panic bars available, some equipped with alarms. These alarms can be connected to your local police or fire station, and they will receive a notification of an emergency should these doors be used. You will commonly see these types of panic bars with red “emergency only” notifications on them. There are also panic bars that can sound an alarm within the building should they be pushed, alerting the other occupants of the building that there is a potential emergency situation, and that they should exit the building until they are cleared for reentry.


There is a wide range of panic bars on the market. As mentioned before, there are bars that come equipped with alarms. These type of panic bars are becoming increasingly popular. There are also vertical panic bars and cross bar types. Panic bars come at differing price points. This means no matter what your budget may be, you should be able to find a suitable panic bar to fit your budget.


As previously mentioned, panic bars come at varying price points. Some panic bars can be had for as little as $100. If you have a large facility, you may need a number of panic bars installed. If you need multiple panic bars for your facility, please speak with your commercial locksmith. They may be able to offer you a volume discount, cutting down on the price even further. 

Reduced Insurance Rates

If you are a building owner, or a property manager, you are always looking for ways to reduce your bottom line. If you own commercial property, it is generally an investment and you want to make as much profit on your investment as possible. However, as a commercial property owner, there are certain guidelines and criteria you must follow. Panic bars are a necessity for your building. They are a great way to increase building security. They also provide an added benefit - a possible decrease in your insurance rates. Just like the more security measures you put on your car, the more your premium reduces - the same holds true for your commercial property. When you have a commercial locksmith properly install a panic bar for you, this can lead to a reduction in your insurance premium. Any safety measure you install in your building will generally lead to a decrease in your premiums. So also consider things such as carbon monoxide detectors, sprinkler systems and fire extinguishers to further reduce insurance costs.


Overall, panic bars are an effective solution. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has made panic bars mandatory for certain types of facilities. The fact that the government has mandated the use of panic bars points to how effective they are in the prevention of mass tragedies. The fast acting mechanism on panic bars allows for mass exits in a quick time frame. This works well for emergency evacuations, especially if your business will have a lot of people coming in and out.

Legal Compliance

Depending on your type of business, the size of your facility, or the amount of patrons that your business can fit - panic bars may be an essential addition. Make sure to check your local bylaws, as well as OSHA and fire regulations for your area. There are laws that govern certain minimum safety requirements for commercial businesses. You want to make sure you are in compliance with the law, and that your facility has all the required safety measures in place.

If you are the owner of commercial property, the safety and security of those who use your premises is your responsibility. While we hope that an emergency situation will never occur, we still have to plan for these circumstances. If your business will hold more than 50 people, fire regulations insist that panic bars be installed. That way occupants can get outside quickly, even if they are in a panic. Proper installation of panic bars is an essential part of your emergency evacuation plan. To discuss your options, call a licensed and insured commercial locksmith. If you are in the Chino, CA area, you can call the trusted professionals at Chino Fast Locksmith. Our team can guide you through your options, and help make sure your property is as safe and secure as possible.