Do you need or want to hire a locksmith? If so, you want a GOOD locksmith; not just a mediocre one! You might be wondering how to hire and work with one of these professionals without paying too much or waiting months for an appointment. Chino Fast Locksmith has some helpful tips that can make hiring your next lock professional an easy and stress free task. There are many qualified lock and key experts in the greater Chino, CA area and after reading this post you’ll know how best to hire one of them!

Be picky about your locksmith!

Why should you be so choosy about your locksmith? It’s an odd thing but many people put more effort into selecting a landscaper or carpet cleaner than to picking someone that has complete and total access to their home, business or auto locks and keys! Sure, your locksmith is making security for you better but they also temporarily have that same access. Why NOT get the best?

Does having a license really matter?

Some say that having a locksmith license is just an excuse to charge higher prices. This is actually quite wrong! Usually the only people advocating hiring this type of worker are the ones that couldn’t get certification or any kind of credentials. Don’t fall for this line of thinking. At minimum your locksmith should be licensed, bonded and insured. He or she also needs to be experienced, skilled and trained. Don’t worry about price; a few phone calls will quickly get you shops that are both affordable and honest in their dealings.

You would never think of going to an unlicensed doctor, chiropractor or lawyer, so why consult with an unlicensed locksmith? Never make the mistake of thinking that all locksmiths are of the same quality or skill; they are not! Use your good judgement; if all you need are some keys cut or some door knobs changed, hire anyone you like that can do the job. No extensive training or professional licenses are needed for that. You can even go to your local mail center or hardware store for spare keys, but chances are that those same clerks will not know how to program your transponder key or install keyless entry.

Be ready for any locksmith need!

How do you do this? Simple; choose your locksmith early, before he or she is needed! Think about it – locksmith needs are sometimes planned and other times not. Emergency situations like break-in damage or lost transponder keys can happen after-hours or on holidays or weekends. The last thing you want to be doing is last minute scrambling for a locksmith to help in a moment’s notice. The funny thing about emergencies is that it’s hard to think straight when having them. It’s easy to be taken advantage of when a million things are going through your brain. Why not take the time to make a few phone calls and find a reliable and fully certified Chino, CA locksmith shop that you feel comfortable working with? If something unexpected arises, just grab your mobile device and tap to call!

24/7 coverage is essential!

Locksmith needs don’t keep regular business hours so you need to be ever-ready to handle them whenever they occur. Your locksmith of choice needs to offer and deliver 24-hour emergency service. Many if not most shops will claim to but hold them to their promises by calling them and finding out a few things. What kinds of response times are offered? How do they take after-hours calls? Do they use their own in-house technicians or outsource to part time handymen just looking for work? Here at Chino Fast Locksmith we use live answer telephone help on a round the clock basis. See if the shop you are interested in does the same. Remember; minutes count when having an emergency so it’s worth the time taken to find a responsive locksmith shop to help whenever needed.

Read reviews

Are online reviews always accurate? No, but they can give you an idea what the shop you are reading about is really like. Don’t expect glowing reports from everyone; that in itself is suspect! There will always be some disgruntled persons no matter how good or fast the service was. On the other hand, if you see a pattern of bad reviews, late or no-shows, rude behavior or sudden price changes, then cross that shop off of your list!


People remember both good and bad jobs done for them and will talk about them both! Ask around and see if any of your family, friends, co-workers or close associates has used a local Chino, CA locksmith lately. How was the service, the hardware and the overall experience? You can learn a lot by asking for opinions and highly pleased or wronged folks are always eager to talk about what they went through.

Unresolved complaints

It’s completely natural to have one or two complaints on file with the Chamber of Commerce or the local Chino Better Business Bureau. Human nature, being what it is, will always produce a late show or a price dispute. It’s the unresolved ones that you should be concerned about. If there are several or a pattern that emerges, move on to the next one!

Insurance coverage and bonding

Your locksmith shop needs to be insured and bonded; period! Ask about this when you call and don’t forget to find out how much coverage is involved. An established shop with your best interests at heart will carry plenty of coverage and will not be afraid to discuss this with you. If they shy away from this or don’t know; move on to the next one on your list. Having adequate coverage protects you the consumer from possible sloppy work or even bodily injury if something goes wrong. While you have them on the phone, be sure to ask if the company previously operated under another name. This is important to know if the company was shut down by the authorities and has now re-opened as a new entity. Be choosy, be persistent and your locksmith experience will reflect your high standards!