We all hate that feeling of being helpless, surprised and somewhat scared after a lockout. Emotions can range from annoyed to absolute panic and no matter how careful you are; these lockout situations still occur! We know as our locksmith shop deals with them on a regular basis. Chino Fast Locksmith gets calls at all hours of the day or night from locals that were quietly going about their business when they suddenly found themselves in a locked out position.


As you can surmise, a lockout means just that; you are on the wrong side of a locked door, gate, wall or vehicle. It’s only natural to feel awkward for a moment and then you start to look for alternatives. Whatever you do, don’t smash a window or turn to self-vandalism; it’s not worth the expense and added danger of cuts from broken glass and possible shock from security and alarm systems. Often, people resort to this in order to save money over calling a locksmith and wind up spending triple on repair bills and doctor visits!


It’s easy to get locked out of your own home. You go out for the mail or to bring in the newspaper and the door closes and locks behind you. We’ve had customers call us in their bathrobes and pajamas from doing this very thing. Our Chino, CA locksmiths do NOT recommend hiding a spare key under the mat or in the mailbox! Don’t make it easy for crooks to gain entry into your home by resorting to these methods.

So what do you do? If you have a neighbor that you trust, you might leave a key with them. If not, try checking the house for an open back door, window and side door. Do you have a pet? Pet doors are often used to gain entry again (unless you have a Chihuahua!). Here again, we urge caution! Chino, CA burglars have been known to think the same thing and gain entry into your home by crawling through doggie doors. Sometimes they even have a child go through it and run to unlock the front door!


This is our most common form of lockout situation and it happens daily all over Chino, CA. You might be loading groceries in the trunk and set your keys down for a moment thinking that you’ll remember to pick them back up. Or, your mind is occupied by something else and you park and go inside for a pizza pick up or for the dry cleaning and come back to your car and see the keys dangling from the ignition. Of course your vehicle is locked tight and you are left standing there holding lunch or a week’s worth of clothes! Most modern vehicles have auto locks on them so that when you lock the driver’s door, they all lock! Again, don’t resort to window smashing or other forms of forced entry – the resulting damage is just not worth it.

COMMERCIAL LOCKOUTSv Yes, they happen! Many a store or shop owner has gone out to set up a sign or to raise their flag only to find themselves locked out of their own business. It can be quite embarrassing to explain to your arriving customers that you have no way to gain entry back inside your restaurant or beauty shop. Sometimes in the case of a strip center, the rental office is nearby and they might have a key but this depends on whether they are open or not and they need to recognize you too. If this happens on a weekend or holiday or if there is no management office nearby then you need an alternative.


There are many situations that can take a turn for the worse. Lockouts can leave you stranded with no way to get back to children or pets at home or at school or day care. We know of one customer that had an elderly mother inside the house that needed medical attention while she was locked outside the home on a Sunday. Children can lock themselves in bathrooms, bedrooms or garages while playing and during times like these, minutes count! The time spent on trying to gain some kind of access could be spent having a professional locksmith drive to your location and provide expert help. There are cases of restaurant employees locked in a walk in refrigerator or freezer all while their co-workers try to call a manager or custodian.


Not only is this practice illegal; it is unethical and still used from time to time. It’s a form of bait and switch and preys on stressed out folks needing a locksmith fast. It works like this. A person gets locked out and in their stress and vulnerability they call for help. All locksmiths are NOT alike or the same! Some people are actually unlicensed, not bonded, carry no insurance and freely quote a low rate to help you only to suddenly raise it once they get to you.

So how can you tell who’s the “real deal?” Do your homework in advance and have a licensed, bonded and insured Chino, CA locksmith professional ready to call upon for lockouts, lock-ins, lost keys, lock replacement and any other sudden lock and key need! Add this shop to your smart phone contacts for easy access anytime needed. Make sure these locksmiths offer free price quotes and don’t practice poor ethics.


You don’t have to fear the right locksmiths! We are trained in lockout situations of all kinds. When you call Chino Fast Locksmith we want nothing more than to let you back inside so that you are safe and ready to get back to your routine and scheduled plans. Our locksmith technicians offer mobile service that is available 24/7 including holidays. With affordable rates, honest service and ultra-fast response times your lockout situation will soon be history!