When to Replace Locks

Obviously, keeping your home secure is of utmost importance. You want your place of residence to be a sanctuary where you always feel safe and comfortable. Accordingly, you ought to keep your home’s locks in tip-top shape. You’ll want to make sure your front door locks - and all your outside locks - are always functioning properly, with superior durability. You’ll continuously keep your family and valuables safe when your locks are solid and reliable.

Sometimes things do go wrong with locks and keys. Although a good locksmith will be available even in the middle of the night in Chino, California - such as the mobile professionals here on staff at Chino Fast Locksmith - it’s still better to make the effort to be pro-active instead. That way, you’ll prevent most mishaps that could occur.

When is it time for lock replacements? Here are the important points we recommend that you consider:

Normal Wear and Tear

Worn-out or rusted locks are a serious weakness in your home security. Old or rusted locks are easier to pick and break, and they simply grow more difficult to open as time goes on. If a lock has bad tarnish, rust, or is showing additional signs of wear, it may be time to replace it. If your lock is becoming increasingly difficult to open with the key, especially when it’s cold, you ought to replace it.

Rusty Locks

You and your family members go in and out your door countless times every day. Over time, locks can become worn-out or even rusted, which means they’ll break more easily. If there are any visible signs of rust, you’ll notice that you’re starting to have trouble getting the key in the lock mechanism, or getting the key to turn. If so, it’s time for lock replacement.

Damaged Locks

If the worst happens, and your locks have been vandalized, tampered with, or otherwise damaged, it’s time to get new locks. Don’t take any risks! Just replace your locks right away. You ought not to keep a damaged lock for an extended period of time, because it will just make you susceptible to further problems and make it easier for someone to break in.


If you are unfortunate enough to have experienced a burglary, it is imperative that you replace your locks. The force involved in a break-in can easily compromise the integrity of a lock mechanism. A damaged lock will put you at a greater risk of another robbery, and mechanical malfunction could leave you locked out. You never know if your keys may have fallen into the wrong hands. Don’t risk it! Replace all your locks as soon as possible.

Lost Keys

Did you misplace your keys? It may take awhile to admit it, but if you’ve realized that your keys are truly lost for good, then your locks should be changed as soon as possible. You don’t want a stranger to have access to your home without your knowledge. All your outdoor locks, which would give an intruder access, should be immediately replaced. After you’re fully secured with your outdoor locks, then it’s time to replace any inner locks in order of your personal security priorities.

Combination Locks

Do you often lose your keys? You might want to consider replacing your regular lock with a combination door lock instead. Combination door locks can be opened by inputting a code. Most combination locks also have a keyed lock, in case the combination input ever malfunctions, or for you to gain entry if you ever lose the code. Remember to change the combination if you ever feel that its access may have been compromised, just as you would replace a traditional lock if you lost your keys.


If you’re feeling particularly vulnerable at your place of residence for whatever reason, replacing your locks with deadbolts can give you a feeling of augmented security.

Stuck Keys

It’s not common, but it can happen: A key can actually get stuck or even break off in a lock mechanism. When there is any issue with the internal mechanism, the keys won’t slide as effortlessly into the lock. Also, if there is any resistance when you turn the key, this can be a sign that it’s time to replace the lock.

New Roommates or Tenants

Do you rent out space in your home or apartment? Do you have any rental properties of any sort? You absolutely must replace locks every single time you change tenants. Even if the last occupants returned their keys, you cannot be totally sure that they didn't make copies. If a break-in ever were to happen, you certainly don’t want to have any doubts about former residents. Keep your property secure and protected with the most dependable and reputable locks.

A New Home

Did you just move into a new home? The same rules that apply to your rentals apply to your residence. It’s vital that you get your locks changed. You simply never know who may still have an old key to your place.

Peace of Mind

Locks don’t necessarily have to show any visible signs of damage for you to want to replace your locks. After awhile, you may forget how many friends, family members, and neighbors have copies of your keys. You may want to replace locks periodically as a way to regularly maintain your home, enhancing your security. You’ll thus have much-needed peace of mind when you know you’re keeping your family and possessions extra safe.

Going Digital

Perhaps you’d prefer to go high-tech. You can replace your conventional locks with digital door locks - an ideal way to secure your home without the need for keys at all. Keyless locks, some that work with remotes or with smart devices; keypads; alarm systems with remote codes; etc. have opened new horizons in home security technology. Once you get used to it, they are simple and easy to use, most including an attractive selection of features that provide additional convenience and security.